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Digital & Change Transformation / M&ADeals & Strategy / Procurement / Cloud & Cyber.

With just under a decade of experience assisting the Management Consulting market, our Founder Alex Mitchell understands the talent needs of the sector well.

AMA Talent Executives exists to serve Management Consulting in their search for the best personnel to expand their business practices. We know more candidates in this sector, we know more about each individual candidate, and we know what it is they need for you to make the most of your time and implement a successful hiring strategy.

Levels we cover

  • Senior & Experienced Hires
  • Managers
  • Directors & Sales
  • Partners & Executive Search

Areas we cover

  • Digital & Change Transformation
  • M&A Deals &  Strategy
  • Procurement
  • Cloud & Cyber

Digital & Change Transformation

The early 2020’s recruitment sector has been defined by the need for high quality digital transformation professionals. Client projects required specialist consulting and the demand has continued to grow.

AMA Talent Executives has a vast network of Digital & Change Transformation staff who are currently or ex Management Consultants. We work in specialised areas where businesses need these changes to occur quickly and as efficiently as possible. These include:

  • Technology Strategy & CIO Advisory
  • Technology Change & Implementation
  • Solutions & Enterprise Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Business Change & Project Management
  • Digital Workplace & Office 365
  • UX / UR & UI
  • Service Design
  • Scrum & Product Owners

We take a detail oriented approach to technology recruitment at all levels, identifying relevant questions for candidates in all of these areas allows us to ascertain the extent of a candidate’s knowledge of the topics.

M&A Deals & Strategy

M&A departments of Management Consulting firms can be some of the most interesting places to be in the company. Whether you’re dealing with private equity and in full swing of the sale or in charge of delivery of outcomes to make the sale happen, we’ve dealt with all candidates in this area.

The recent interest rate hikes across the global economy have seen the need for more quality M&A people to come to the forefront with relevant industry and sales figures to back them up.

AMA Talent Executives recruit across the full deal lifecycle in M&A and can operate in the following areas:

  • Due Diligence & FDD
  • M&A Strategy
  • Carve Outs
  • Buy side & Sell side projects
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Pre sale planning
  • Post deal training


A world class procurement focused consulting firm needs to rely on efficient, and structured measures to procure their own talent. In the current economic climate, acquiring to improve, sell or build your products or services is ever being looked at keenly in terms of ROI.

When it comes to procurement talent we implement ROI strategies into assessing whether a candidate is suitable for our clients. This allows us to focus on candidate quality, key career deliverables, and prospective value long term.

AMA Talent Executives has gained massive network exposure to numerous candidates in the procurement space, with skills that can assist your business in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain
  • Global Business Services
  • Digital Procurement
  • Business Benchmarking
  • Cost Reduction
  • Strategic Market Intelligence

Cloud & Cybersecurity

Global business leaders over the last few years have been predominantly concerned around two problems, how much space we have to put assets, and how safe those business assets are. In our rapidly digitising economy, these issues continue to be ever present.

This is where the philosophy of “that hire” makes sense. You cannot afford to get wrong who is leading or delivering within your Cloud & Cybersecurity divisions within Consulting firms. The result of a wrong call or incomplete strategic guidance can lead to unhappy clients.

AMA understands the needs and pressures around this area of consulting. That is why all of our leveraged network in this area is 100% current or ex management consulting, who have experience in this market to get your business not only billing, but delivering on positive project outcomes.

The types of candidates AMA could expose your business to are in the relevant fields:

  • CTO & CISO Advisory
  • Cloud & Cyber Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption & Implementation
  • IT Risk & Controls
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • ISO27001 Review & Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • Cloud & Cyber Training

For more information on this area of expertise, please email or contact us here.