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Servicing a diverse range of clients, needs a diverse set of tools to accommodate the needs in Consulting.

With AMA, you will enhance your scope in the search for high quality Management Consulting professionals in the market. Combining a technological search strategy and a leveraged network, you will notice results quickly around making that right hire.

Aside from traditional contingent and retained search models we implement, AMA offers the chance to look under the hood of your own business operations with Talent Advisory practices, as well as engaging with clients on Team Moves.

Experienced Hires

Technology, Strategy, Procurement and M&A talent with consulting skills can be some of the hardest roles to fill in the current market, even at the junior level.

But it takes more than a leveraged network to be successful in these particular roles. With more candidates having the same skills described in unique ways, the need to be thorough on candidate profiles is paramount. At AMA we seek the use of technology to assist us with these positions, avoiding the need for our executives to be mindlessly scrolling on LinkedIn.

Our approach to experienced hires:

  • Obtain the relevant value proposition and key deliverables of the role, including whether the post is sales, delivery, or hybrid
  • Approach our network through technology, avoiding random LinkedIn searches and utilising AI to truly obtain the right candidates for your job description
  • Introduce experienced hires to you and assist with a positive candidate experience. This includes full interview preparation and understanding the candidates motivations at each stage.
  • Manage the rife counter offer culture by educating candidates you are interested in offering on why these practices exist and the negative connotations attached to them.

Competition for talent has become fierce within the Management Consulting sector. You deserve to work with a search partner with a robust talent strategy to support your experienced hiring needs.

Talent Advisory

Knowledge of the Talent market as a whole including best practices tailored to you in a single consultative package.

The most frustrating feeling is making an offer to an excellent candidate and not getting them over the line for your business, just as one of your best members has mentioned they are looking to move on in the same week. It is more regular in the Management Consulting market than we would like, but it is avoidable!

Retention strategies, salary benchmarking, employee satisfaction & wellbeing are all terms you are likely to have heard at one point or another. What is important is how you implement these into your business for the best possible success. Your culture, priorities and ambitions are going to mean different approaches compared to your competitors and other firms.

At AMA we provide expert level Talent Advisory by understanding your business, providing insight and knowledge in what is likely to work best, and what benefits are likely to fall flat with staff.

Providing this consulting service to clients around core problems internally cannot only shine a light on what you need more of, but what you should continue for a solid retention & employee satisfaction strategy that is relevant for the long term.

Team Moves

Team moves can be the bedrock of an ambitious division expansion, and are always cheaper than a full company acquisition. Take your business to the next level with a fully qualified team.

The targets often associated with buying or merging with a new company are not dissimilar to those identified via a Team move. Could your targets benefit more from a Team that is cheaper and faster than a full scale M&A?

AMA has access to the best leadership in the Consulting sector to motivate and bring on board the Consultants working within their current department. Although never a short term option, Team moves can result in serious growth for a long term strategy in a new or existing department structure.